Let There Be Laughter

As many DOTB readers already, we appreciate humor of all sorts. We even poke fun at our own beliefs and Christian practices. It’s healthy and it causes reflection. That is why we are presenting a collection of great cartoons by Mark Frontczak and sparrowcartoons.com.

About Sparrow Cartoons

Sparrowcartoons have been around for a while in one way or another. The cartoons are drawn by long-time cartoonist Mark Frontczak, who has been cartooning since his college days in the early 80’s.

Cartoonist Mark Frontczak

As a young Christian in his early twenties, Mark Frontczak had a passion for communicating ideas through cartoons.  He began by producing editorial cartooning for several newspapers. Drawing editorial cartoons taught him how he could make a powerful statement with a cartoon without necessarily needing to be funny.  During that same time he was also learning God’s Word through The Way College of Biblical Research, Rome City, Indiana where he received an associate degree of Theology.  He continued to cartoon with several others to form the Christian humor magazine, Glad Magazine in the early 1980s.    It was at Glad that he along with the other cartoonists explored how cartoons and humor could be used to communicate ideas powerfully from God’s Word. He found this much more rewarding than editorial cartooning.

During the years of 1986 – 2010 Mark devoted his time to the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to his family.  He then began to pray and consider that he might cartoon again.  In looking at what is being produced today in Christian humor and cartoons specifically, there seems to be a need for cartoons that could speak to God’s people and reach them with the truth of His Word.

His desire is to provoke thought, build up and encourage the body of Christ, and perhaps evoke a laugh now and then.  As long as Mark’s work is a glory to God and a blessing both to you and to him to produce, he will continue in this endeavor.
~BIO from sparrowcartoons.com~

Sparrowcartoons Favorites Roundup

apple-the-forbidden-fruit be-the-flame dogmatic-rulers heavenly-rewards

lemmings-race love-chooses-to-see-less myth-of-the-self-made-man not-peace-but-a-sword the-body-of-christ the-end-is-near-be-sober

the-firshbowl the-new-you treasure-in-earthen-vessels using-your-head

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  1. Thanks for featuring Mark’s cartoons. I’ve been a fan of his since the early 80s, and I sure am GLAD he is getting some national attention! Mark knows how to make his point with humor without being offensive (something that’s rare these days).


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