Quiz: Am I In A Cult?

Is your church a cult?

This quiz will provide an analogue answer. The closer to 100%, the more severe the cult is. UPDATE: 10/4/2017 – Some adjustments were made to make questions more clear. The results also had wording adjusted as the results were slightly too skewed towards cult. Your feedback is welcome. If the test needs adjusted please comment … Read more

Tips for Surviving college as a Christian

Surviving college as a Christian

Everyone in college faces challenges to their beliefs, inclinations, personalities, and interests. I’d like to start off by normalizing the concerns you may have about college with this simple but very real fact. Christian students aren’t the only ones wondering how they will handle things once college starts and they’re certainly not the only ones … Read more

What Christians with Depression Might not Tell You

Sitting under a tree

What Christians with depression  might not tell you I first had symptoms of depression when I was 13 years old. I can remember the actual day that a heavy weight settled on my mind, and it’s been with me to some degree since then. I’ve learned to deal with depression with the help of qualified … Read more

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions that stick

On the mark

Happy New Year!  I personally love the optimism of a new year, getting a new calendar, and starting a new school semester. It’s a blank slate and perfect motivation to leave the old behind. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, The Top  New Year’s Resolutions follow into the following broad categories: Lose Weight/Healthier Eating … Read more

How to Enjoy Dating While Honoring Christ As a Christian Single

Christian Dating

The prize for meeting your ideal mate who shares your Christian beliefs and values is exhilarating and exceptional, but the Christian dating experience can be a very challenging process. Keep the Bible as your guide As a Christian, it is necessary to keep in mind the wisdom of the Bible and not fall into real temptation. Belief … Read more