Some Direct Questions About The Bible, Jesus, And Homosexuality Explained

adam and steve

As part of an on-going debate on the issue of homosexuality a friend of mine posted a fairly good article on facebook about it. After a short while what seemed to be an upset young lady replied with this….

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Savita Halappanavar: The Face of Christian Extremism & Inability to Deal With Grey Matter

Savita Halappanavar Abortion related death

As reported recently in almost every major news outlet, a young Indian woman by the name of Savita Halappanavar has recently passed due to an early pregnancy miscarriage, and was refused an abortion in an Ireland Catholic hospital. This horrible event has sparked outrage among many in Ireland about the legality (or lack of legality) of abortions. In fact, things have escalated so much that even the Indian government is now getting involved in the matter.

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The Mission of Jesus Christ: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to….”

Cake and icecream

One of the things that I love about the Catholic Church (which I am not a part of) is their relentless desire to promote the social gospel. No, I do not mean that they are good at witnessing over Facebook. What I mean is that they take Jesus’ mission to the poor, sick, and outcast seriously. When I look at the things that the Protestant Church takes serious I see a much different picture.

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5 Worst Things That Make People Unreasonably Upset In Church


I’m sure you’ve seen it before. Someone complaining and stinking the place up over something that happened at church or at a church function. Here are 5 things that make church people unreasonably upset.

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Jeff Foxworthy to Host the American Bible Challenge on the Game Show Network

american bible challenge

In case you have not heard just yet; Jeff Foxworthy is going to be the host of a new game show called American Bible Challenge. As the name suggests, the contestants will be quizzed with Bible questions! Here is the promo video.

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