When Was Jesus Born? Jonathan Cahn Thinks He Knows

Jonathan Cahn

I am no fan of anything I see on religious channels because they tend to just be money making scams or puff pieces for authors, artists, or fake healers. I also don’t trust any author who continuously claims to have solved biblical “mysteries” or discover some hidden secret that educated scholars could not figure out. … Read more

Origins & Facts About Our Favorite Christmas Carols

Hymn For Christmas Day Hark The Herald Angel Sing, Charles Wesley

I tend to ponder about things. Where they came from, who started them, yada yada yada. I drove my parents crazy I am sure. Luckily for me, the internet can usually answer all my questions. Today I was in a Christmas themed service and I none of the song credits were at the bottom of the … Read more

Was Jesus Born In A Stable, Cave, Or Home?

Lebrun Adoration Of The Shepherds

Like many of our Christian traditions, the nativity story is filled with both scripture and cultural assumptions. So, as we begin let us re-read the scripture to refresh our memories with the nativity scene. The version below is a fairly standard one, keeping the old wording of Jesus being born in a manger because there … Read more