Why Youth Ministry Needs To Stop Being Treated As An Expendable Ministry

abandoned church

Most churches today consider youth ministry an optional ministry. This is because youth do not contribute to the church budget. They are needy. They are messy. They are expensive. It’s natural that the main focus is on adult ministry. They pay the bills and they too need shepherding and guidance. Children are our future, both … Read more

Snake Handling Pastors Continue To Die From Bites; Flocks In Shock.

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As much as I enjoy poking fun at my own faith I don’t think that this is a funny story. I mean, people are actually dying from snake bites. Yet the madness continues. Latest snake handling death cases Over the summer John David Brock, a member of Mossy Simpson Pentecostal Church, was bitten by a … Read more

The Mega-list of Failed Prophesy by the Biggest Names in Christianity

Pat Robertson

For your reading enjoyment; here is a list of prophetic predictions made by pastors, preachers, televangelists, and other Christians that simply just didn’t come true. Much could be said on the topic but the material below really speaks for itself. End of the World Predictions Jim Jones – July 15th, 1967 Jim Jones founded the … Read more

Dr. Who? – Televangelists With Fake Educations and Degrees


It seems as though every television preacher has a “Dr.” fixed to their names. What did these great giants of theology do to earn their Doctorate degrees? Typically nothing. Those who DID earn a degree usually did so from a fake school. In fact, most of them came from just 3 schools. Here is the … Read more