The Mega-list of Failed Prophesy by the Biggest Names in Christianity

For your reading enjoyment; here is a list of prophetic predictions made by pastors, preachers, televangelists, and other Christians that simply just didn’t come true. Much could be said on the topic but the material below really speaks for itself.

End of the World Predictions

Jim Jones – July 15th, 1967

Jim_JonesJim Jones founded the People’s Temple. The Temple was best known as hippie cult. Jim Jones was best known as the church leader who solicited male prostitutes and convinced 909 inhabitants of Jonestown, 300 0f them were children, to commit suicide. This went down in 1978, long after he had already predicted the end of the world by nuclear destruction.


Harold Camping – Dates listed below

Harold CampingMr. Camping really should get a special place on this list since he’s had more failed end of the world predictions than any one else. I could waste a ton of space to try to help you understand his theory but it’s completely insane and when you’re wrong this much no one cares about your theory.

1. September 6th, 1994
2. September 29th, 1994
3. October 2nd, 1994
4. May 21st, 2011
5. October 21st, 2011
6. October 7th, 2015

Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins – Jan 1st, 2000

Tim lahaye and jerry jenkinsMost people know this dynamic duo as the guys who wrote the Left Behind books. What most people do not know is that they actually tried to put their theories to work and determine the actual end of this age, rather than writing fiction about it. As with many doomsday predictions of that day, it was linked to Y2K bug. For those who are old enough to have lived through it and young enough to understand computers…. this is just a laughable prediction.


Jerry Falwell – Jan 1st, 2000

jerry falwellTim Lahaye might have influenced popular opinion at the time because one of the heavy weights of conservative christianity followed in his footsteps. Jerry Falwell also made his end of the world prediction for the year 2000.




Jack Van Impe – 2001

Van ImpeJust after the new millennium, Van Impe predicted that 2001 would see droughts, wars, and chaos. He also said that the one-world church would emerge and take over, leading people into the end times.




Pat Robertson – April 29th, 2007

Pat RobertsonGood old Pat these days mostly just takes callers questions but once upon a time he was regarded as a real religious teacher. Unfortunately in his book, The New Millenniumhe predicted the destruction of the earth to be in early 2007.




John Hagee – April 24th, 2014 – Sept, 2015

John HageeMost don’t think of Hagee as an end time prophet but even old John couldn’t help but wager a guess. Based on siting of 4 blood moons, Hagee suggests its the sign of the coming of Christ.




Prophesies on Political Issues

Benny Hinn – Death of Fidel Castro and All Homosexuals

Benny Hinn With BibleOn December 31, 1989 at a New Year’s Eve service at Hinn’s church in Orlando, Benny prophesied that Castro would die in the 1990s. Hinn also prophesied that God would destroy America’s homosexuals with fire sometime in that decade. Is that supposed to be a word-play on flamers?




Pat Robertson – Many

robertson1. Iran will have a nuclear weapon – 2014
2. Obama will retreat and go back to Hawaii – 2014
3. Islam will go into retreat – 2014
4. Hurricanes would destroy the US coast – 2006
5. Iraq war would end and troops would return home – 2006
6. Orlando’s will be struck by “earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor” – 1998
7. Jay Rockafeller will be elected president – 1996
8. He would become president – 1988
9. Start of WWIII – 1980

Oral Roberts – WTC Doom

oral_robertsOral Roberts claimed that the political environment and the attack on the World Trade Centers would result in the rapture of the saints and the end of the world thereafter. This was in 2004.




Other Various Predictions

Oral Roberts – Geneva 2.0

city of faithFor those who didn’t know John Calvin; this guy basically tried to construct a City of God, where he was the supreme leader. 500 years later Oral Roberts claimed to have heard from God and that he was to build a “City of Faith.” In this city, God told him, that they would have a medical center that would cure cancer and change the entire way the medical system works. Oral solicited millions upon millions to dollars to build massive buildings and a school. In the end, 80% of all the real estate was never used and the medical school was shut down just a few years into its operation.

At one point the debt from the construction and upkeep was so bad that he “heard from God” again and this time he was going to die unless they raised another 8 million dollar or so. Miraculously, he raised the money. Sadly, it didn’t help. The project was a wash.

Bob Jones – Great Youth Movement

Bob jonesBob Jones claimed once to have had met God personally in a near death type of way. During that time God told him that he would have to go back to the earth to wake up the church. God told him that he would lead over a BILLION youth in these last days.




Glenn Beck – Destruction of Israel

glenn beckOh Lord, here we go. Glenn’s following might be even bigger than some of the televangelists on this list. Which is scary because I think he might be crazier than the people in this blog. Either way, in 2006 he predicted that Israel is going to be wiped out and then armageddon would ensue.




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    Most of what you say they “predicted” either is happening (just watch the news) or people simply forgot about … yeah maybe they got the years wrong, but again just watch the news


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