Things I’ve Learned In Church Entry #3 | God’s Dress Code

Things I’ve Learned In Church” Entry #3 | God’s Dress Code

About 8 years ago I visited what appeared be a a Baptist cult church that was out in the country, just south of Elyria Ohio. I was wearing shorts since it was mid-August and scorching hot outside. This turned out to be the wrong day to show up to church in shorts. I knew I might have made a mistake when my friend, who used to go to church there, showed up in business attire.

The service was not bad aside from a few crazy ladies running around the sanctuary screaming. That is, until the pastor found the opportune moment to take a shot at the kid who showed up in shorts, in front of the whole church! (That’s me if your having trouble following).

In the middle of announcing the summer camp for the children he looked right at me as if to burn a whole through my face with his laser vision and minted these fine words….

“If you send your kids to summer camp without church clothes, which is either a suit or dress pants with a buttons down, not shorts and a t-shirt, we WILL send them back home without a refund.”

For about a second and a half i questioned if he was actually talking at me. Then I noticed the whole church was staring at me and it was pretty much confirmed. Thanks for the good word pastor!

church clothes

Upon exiting the church I shook the pastor’s hand and said “thanks for making me feel welcome pastor,” with a smile on my face.
thou shalt chill Moses' missing commandment

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  1. I am a Baptist Pastor in one of the poorest places in the Philippines. We are just thankful that some of our people even have clothes. Also, if it went down just like that, the man does not deserve to be pastoring a Church. With that said, common sense should prevail. There are some restaurants that require a jacket and tie and some that don't. It is our job to know the difference and dress appropriately for each location. If you were going to meet a Senator, Congressman or whoever, you might decide to wear a bit more formal an outfit. Why do people think that Church is so low class and so informal that who cares what they wear? Although I will repeat, the conduct of the Pastor was way out of line, wear would the line be drawn? You accept shorts. How about short shorts? How about a t shirt? How about one with straps? What I am saying is thatI believe most people have lost a sense of decency and common sense. Just walking down the road on a hot summers day and decided to pop into a Church? Sounds more like you like to test peopl instead of being humble before God.

    • I appreciate your comment Jack but your last sentence had nothing to do with clothing and it only proved my point about pastors of your type. You naturally assume I am a trouble maker having known nothing about me.

  2. You're a nicer guy then me… then again you probably know this… I would have came the next week in a home made outfit that resembled what Jesus would have wore, and then when he chose to call me out again, I'll just in front of the congregation that I wanted to wear what Jesus wore…

  3. Oh no I just read your article and gathered that you were speaking about how certain righteous people want you to dress in church, so I looked up “what does the bible tell us about what God wants is to wear in church ” and that verse popped up and I thought ” hm, I like it, I like it because I don’t always have to be dressed in this seasons hottest fashion, or wear gold, or have my hair did, nails did, matching attire…. ” That’s my struggle with the church, I feel like sometimes people care more about detecting to see if your fancy brand purse is a knockoff that you got at Jaimie’s flea market, lol, rather than showing Gods Love.. So that’s what i meant, i realize it was my a direct response to your article, but you said the thing about the clothes and in keeping with the general scheme of things I expressed my thoughts. Scratch it, Gods thoughts…. And my thoughts lol.

    • ooh ok I see where you were going now. I thought you were trying to boo ya me lol.

      You were boo ya-ing the self-righteous churches which makes more sense. :)

    • Lol you started out by saying “I still don’t get it.” And after reading your comment (which had nothing to do with the article) I just replied back confirming that you don’t in fact get it. lol
      Are you looking to get involved in a church in Vermillion? There are not too many to choose from that I can recall. I like Lakeview thought! I have some family out there!

  4. Lol good lil post :) I still don’t get it. Plus, Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful. (NIV, 1 Peter 3:2-5). SOO…. Boo ya. Lol. My husban went and checked out Lakeview Church in v town a couple weeks ago, haven’t you been there before

  5. I remember Rob’s story about the blue-jeans haha. That reminds me of a similar story.

    I was visiting an UPCI church in South Bend pretty regularly and each time I came they asked me if I had every been to church there before. After about the 5th time I was a bit upset no one remembered me and I asked them what gave them the impression that I had never been there and they said “because your not wearing church clothes.” LOL

    Good times.

    that was the same church that held a mens basketball night and almost kicked me out for coming in shorts. Seriously, I wore knee-length shorts and they almost didn’t let me play!

  6. You are full of great lines, Justin! How many churches have you been to? Which one did you like the most?

    Rob shares a story equally embarrassing about church dress code. You should have him tell you about it sometime.


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