You Might Be A Youth Pastor If……

There are a lot of jokes floating around the inter-web about youth pastors. That fact is, youth pastors are a special breed of human beings…..if in fact they really are human beings. In case you are wondering if you are a true youth pastor or if God is calling you to be a youth pastor; please consider the following…..

  • You know every off name brand pop and food product ever invented, and for the veteran you remember which store carries which name brand.
  • youth pastor shirtYou can successfully identify the difference between Mountain Dew, Mountain Holler, Mountain Lightning, and Mountain Frost.
  • You have ever inspired competitive Bible contests by means of making the losing party eat something awful (Pickled pigs feet, hot sauce filled Twinkies, clam juice, or a mixture of various foods found in the church kitchen)
  • You have ever injured a youth playing dodge ball
  • You have been injured BY a youth playing dodge ball
  • You have a an entire vocabulary based on youth ministry issues (purpling, missionary dating, etc.)
  • More of your facebook friends are under the age of 18 than over
  • You’ve ever been asked any of the following

“so do you have a real job?”
“You get paid to play games?”
“Are you planning on being a real pastor when you get older?”

  • You don’t get invited to church counsel, board, or elder meetings, but your ministry is a frequent conversation in any or all of those meetings.
  • You consider pranking people to be a ministry of fellowship
  • You understand the phrase “married up”
  • Can wear a T-shirt from a youth event every day of the week
  • You think text messaging is the primary mode of communication in the world
  • You can draw lesson illustrations from anything (Nacho Libre, Lost, Inception, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc.)
  • You know enough fund raising ideas to solve the economic crisis

This has nothing to do with the post…. I just like flow charts.

youth pastor flow chart

5 thoughts on “You Might Be A Youth Pastor If……”

  1. Why not get paid to play games?! Makes your vocation a vacation!!

    I could just google it, but i will be brave and ask you: what is purpling?

    i can draw lesson illustrations from anything…lol…my favorites are movies and candy….
    text messaging is a tool of ministry…i use it to encourage and inspire others and let them know i am thinking of them…


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