True Faith – The Anabaptist Martyrs [Leonhard Keyser, A. D. 1527]

Woodcut Leonhard Keyser

Quick Facts about Leonhard Keyser Born – 1495 Martyred – 1527 Faith – Before his conversion he was actually a Bavarian Catholic Priest. Thus, his conversion was treason. While many believe him to be an Anabaptist, he is also said to have been a Lutheran. However, in Bavaria he was called a Baptist which would … Read more

True Faith – The Anabaptist Martyrs [George Wagner, A. D. 1527]


George Wagner was one of the first Anabaptist martyrs to die at the hands of the Germans. Unfortunately there is not a lot of material that can be found on George Wagner other than what was recorded in the Martyrs Mirror. Like others before and after him, he was bound and then thrust into the fire. … Read more

True Faith – The Anabaptist Martyrs [Michael Sattler, A. D. 1527]


Michael Sattler was one of the most well known Anabaptists and he even drafted the very first document recording the beliefs of the Anabaptists (specifically the Brethren). This document is called The Schleitheim Confession and it had 7 main points that the Brethren based their movement on. He was also the first of the Brethren … Read more

True Faith – The Anabaptist Martyrs [FELIX MANTZ, A. D. 1526]


Mantz was a follower of the famous Swiss reformer, Huldrych Zwingli. Zwingli was a Catholic priest who decided that the Catholic church needed to be reformed. Like many reformers in the early days, Swingli did not necessarily want to leave the church as much as he wanted to reform it and fix it’s problems. However, … Read more

True Faith – The Anabaptist Martyrs [Intro]


Many books and history lessons have been dedicated to the popular reformers such as: Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Knox, Wycliff, and the like. Much less attention is given to the many martyrs who died in the battle over the future of Christianity. There are hundreds of innocent victims that were drowned, burned at the stake, tortured, … Read more