Kermit needs to talk to Jesus

21 Christian Memes to Start Your Week With A Laugh

How else would you want to start off a Monday?!

All this technology meme Your move Satan When you realize it's Lent When you get to take a nap after church When you finally confront yourself When you don't know what to do with your hands in worship When you about to tell a lie and God's listening

When the sermon rekt you When it's time to straighten yourself out When God made me Veggie Tales lip therapy That's a nice grave you have there Terrible church sign attempts

Recommended reading after 50 Shades of Gray Minecraft Bible Last Supper confused member Kermit needs to talk to Jesus Everytime I re-watch Passion of the Christ Byznessmen Meme Baptism controversy explained by ice cream At LaCross gospel meme Amish satellites

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