10 Worst Christian Bands and Artists of All Time


10.┬áRaze Raze is┬ábest known for their hit song “All Around The World”. I would first like to clarify that yes this song was actually popular in the late 90’s…..but then again, so was Barbie Girl. The late 90’s was a very special time for music. Raze is a genre all on their own, somehow melding … Read more

Going Back in Time; the Best Christian Music From the 1990’s

releitn K Fannie packs

This is SUCH a hard top 5 to decide on. For one, music was altogether different in the 90’s. Their was boys bands, girl bands, ska bands, punk rock revival, and so much else happening. Here is my humble list of some my favorite bands and songs from Christian artists in the 90’s. Hope you enjoy. Leave me feed back with your personal favorites!

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