Is The NIV Purposefully “Removing” Words From The Bible?

KJVO burning Bible

In the never-ending battle keep the KJVO movement in check there is an immediate need to address a claim that I was just recently made aware of. A friend of mine who (for reasons unknown) follows Steven Anderson and his KJV heresy, recently tried to slander the NIV by stating that the translators purposefully removed … Read more

Translation Errors In The King James Version: No “J” Sound Existed In Hebrew


Instances of the letter “J”, including Jehovah. As many might already know, the KJV uses the letter “J” to replace the sound of the Hebrew “י” (yod). Today, the yod is usually translated as a Y or I in English. To be fair to the KJV translators, the sound of the letter “J” was in … Read more