King Hezekiah’s Ring Discovered In Trash Heap

Hezekiahs seal

Seal of King Hezekiah Discovered in Jerusalem A 2,700-year-old signet bulla bearing the name of king Hezekiah (727–698 BCE) has been discovered in excavations by Temple Mount in Jerusalem.Though other sings with his name has been found this one is unique. The signets of the kings were placed in a ring typically and used to imprint the … Read more

Where Archaeology Meets The Bible: Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]

Sargon II Lion Hunting

This is now the 4th installment of “Where Archaeology Meets The Bible”. The previous installments can be found below in chronological order. #1 Kassite Period [1600-1160 BCE]. #2 Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]. #3 Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]. Below I will be examining a number of texts from the Akkadian and Babylonian time of domination … Read more