The Bible Unearthed – Book Review


I initially discovered The Bible Unearthed, when searching the Ashland Seminary Library for resources that might help me with some research on Akkadian archaeology from the same time period as our OT time periods. It did not really help me that much with my research paper but the second chapter on the Exodus archaeology was so … Read more

Where Archaeology Meets The Bible: Neo Babylonian Period [626 – 529 BCE]

This is now the 5th installment of “Where Archaeology Meets The Bible”. The previous installments can be found below in chronological order. #1 Kassite Period [1600-1160 BCE]. #2 Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]. #3 Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]. #4 Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]. Below I will be examining a number of texts from … Read more