Mega-Church, Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral, Embroiled In Multiple Law Suits

Who Is Ernest Angley?

We’ve written before about the Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls, but it appears that this time there is some devastating news. Not only has the church defaulted in it’s broadcasting debt but they are now also being sued for allegedly stalking an elderly woman and coercing her into penning a check to the church for a whopping $340,000.

About the Debt

The debt that defaulted was from Angley’s broadcasting arm, Winston Broadcasting Network. The lawsuit that was filed by Beck Energy Corporation Inc alleges that Winston Broadcasting was loaned the money in 2013 and was used to pay the church’s mortgage. On top of that, Beck Energy was given a signed agreement stating that Angley, himself, would pay off the debt in the event that it is not paid by Winston Broadcasting.

This turn of events begs a few questions:

  1. If Angley agreed to pay off the debt personally, does that mean he has a net-worth privately that is worth at least the sum of the loan?
  2. If he has the money why is he not paying the debt down?
  3. If he did not have the money does that mean he flat-out lied?
  4. If the church and it’s subsidiaries is in so much debt, do they own and operate a private jet and have services in a building that rarely sees half of the seats filled?

It seems as though we will have to wait to find out. The suit is still in process. However, if Beck Energy gets everything out of the law suit that they are asking, the church and it’s various branches will be forced to shut down completely.

About the Stalking

In addition to the debt default, the church is embroiled with another law suit alleging that the church stalked an elderly woman and coerced her into giving the church some $340,000.

74 year old, Bridget Pollard, was a lone widow with dementia and was allegedly coerced into giving power of attorney to what appears to be a friend in the church, Corliss Whitney, who was also a singer in Grace Cathedral. It is not known yet if Whitney is responsible for the coercion.

Time will tell what becomes of this law suit but it’s not looking pretty for the church.

A history of fraud

As someone who lives in Akron I have encountered a number of ex-church members who claim that these types of coerced donations are routine. In one case a woman was allegedly coerced into signing over her house to the church.

All of this makes complete sense considering they are swimming in debt but still manage to own and maintenance a private jet. As their wallet gets smaller and smaller the church is going to find ways to cover it’s bills, even if it’s illegal.

In another law suit (already settled) the church was cause not paying the workers of it’s buffet. This is just another red flag concerning the church’s finances. This is an additional debt that will be need to be paid, to the tune of $388,000.


4 thoughts on “Mega-Church, Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral, Embroiled In Multiple Law Suits”

  1. Umm, old news and a lot of factual mistakes as well as one-sided opinion in this. But I guess that’s why it’s YOUR blog, and people have to use their own reasoning abilities to discern fact from fiction. Just like in politics, there’s one side who likes things done one way and another side that likes things done another way. The internet has facts and fiction, opinions and reality. I think it was Jesus who reportedly said “judge not by the appearance.” And, that’s exactly what we humans do all the time; we judge after what we hear and what we see. I’ve been to both the Cathedral of Tomorrow when the Humbards were there and Grace Cathedral as well as many other places of religious worship including non-Christian and what I’ve come to believe is that God touches hearts, has more grace and forgiveness than people and that I’m just a soul inside a container made of dirt and water. Even an atheist has a belief. He/She believes via theory that there is no God that created. To me that’s like saying a great work of art, like an old painting, just was too great to be made by intelligence but just came to be out of atoms into existence. But, that is also my own opinion. One thing I know is a fact, if it wasn’t for Grace Cathedral and the wonderful people there, I would be dead. Miracles do happen when people use faith. Happy Christmas!

    • Old news? This was posted in 2017. Everything in this post was taken from court documents or the Akron beacon journal. You’re welcome to post evidence in the comments as to what I stated that you found to be false. Usually when I tell someone that something is false I provide a list of what is false and why. That’s how authentic discussions work. Anyone can claim fake news…. Doesn’t make it fake.

  2. Me and my family attended the Cathedral of Tommorow Rex Humbards church for years it was nothing like what you describe now it was packed every Sunday and was about God and our lord and savior Jesus not selling things and they took up one offering they fed and clothed the poor paid bills etc.very sad too here what it has become

    • Yeah, I’ve met others in the area who used to go when Rex was there. They seemed to really like it. Sad that he had to go.


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