SLATE Releases Another Mercy Multiplied Survivor Testimony

Having known and talked to more than one survivor of Mercy Ministries (now Mercy Multiplied), I took it upon myself to share a brief few words on the matter. Those who know this site well also know that we don’t deal lightly with Christians who harm others. It includes mostly testimonies and quotes from survivors.

Mercy Ministries: So Horrific They Have A Survivor Network

Having said that, SLATE has, just yesterday, released another great testimony/interview from survivor. I don’t really have a lot to say about it other than it needs to be read. It sheds more light on the conditions that the Mercy girls had to deal with.

SLATE: The Mercy Girls

Mercy Ministry God gives restMercy girls have been sharing their survivor stories for many years now. They even have online survivor networks. In fact, they harmed so many girls that they had to change their ministry name to Mercy Multiplied. I don’t know about you but no ministry truly based on mercy needs a survivor network.

Do not be fooled by their marketing or branding. Do not buy into the famous names that are paid to endorse them. They practice dangerous theology while ignoring sound medical and psychiatric knowledge. I encourage you to read the SLATE story and some entries from the survivor network.

[Featured image is from Nancy Alcorn’s website. Ironically, you won’t get the true story from Nancy.]

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