Biblical Archaeology: Exploring The Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q246 Apocryphon of Daniel)

4Q246 –  4Q Apocryphon of Daniel

What is the Apocryphon of Daniel (4Q246)? The Apocryphon of Daniel is a textual fragment that was found in cave #4 of the Dead Sea (or Judean desert) caves. It is commonly referred to as the “Son of God document”, “Aramaic Apocalypse”, or “Pseudo-Daniel.” It was written in Aramaic and is believed to have been written … Read more

Biblical Archaeology: Exploring The Dead Sea Scrolls (Deuteronomy 4Q41 – 4Q)


What is Deuteronomy 4Q41 – 4Q? 4Q41 or 4Q is a section of Deuteronomy that also goes by the title “All Souls Deuteronomy“. The scroll was discovered in cave #4 in Qumran, which was previously discussed in our discussion on PaeloGenesis-Exodus. It was discovered in 1952 but it was sold on the black market for a large sum … Read more

Unicorns In The Bible (The King James Bible [KJV] Of Course)

San Giovanni Evangelista in Ravenna unicorn

If you have been reading posts at DOTB for very long you will already know that poking fun at our own religion is something that is done regularly. Not really because we have animosity towards Christianity but because if Christians can’t laugh at their own weirdness and mistakes then we’re in a world of hurt since we live a world that is increasingly more educated and sometimes more knowledgeable about Christianity than most Christians are. That of course brings me to a topic that one of the students in my church alerted me to; unicorns in the Bible.

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