My Testimony [From Anonymous Submission]

That morning, something kept whispering ‘you are going to die. You are going to die’ into my ear. No, it wasn’t my imagination—it was some sort of—I don’t even know. Surprisingly, rather than shooing the sinister voice into slinking away, I listened in surprised. Will I die today? I have not yet fulfilled my purpose. I am covenant child. It was all strange.

My birthday was just a few days away. I had spent the night working away on some project I no longer remember. When it was morning, my eyes shouldering with protest, vehemently clamoring for more sleep.

Nary a soul was informed of my slapdash trip—by early afternoon, I should be back, so thought I.

That morning, I did not have my quiet time the way a Christian was supposed to, I was not even in the mood for prayer. I just made, perhaps a two-minute request, committing my journey into the hands of God, just before leaving. On the bus, I said I was going to pray but the moment the chilling wind of the morning began to toy with both my body and sleep-beclouded mind, I began to doze.

The Holy Spirit kept nudging me to pray. The Spirit was rather persistent and didn’t let me be for a long time. After hours of not budging, he began asking me to sing. When I couldn’t resist him anymore, I began to sing. I still remember clearly the song I sang that day: Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine… I sang it over and over again until calm began to overwhelm my soul.

The driver was speeding—in the true sense of the word. There was an estate wagon, just a few meters ahead of us, and an SUV ahead of it— all speeding.

Then like in the movies, in a split second, too short for any real human remedy, the SUV which was speeding a few nanoseconds ago, was now positioned perpendicular us, almost completely immobile, —It had hit the road divider, which brought it to a halt in a deadly position.

It was too late to do any real thing. The estate wagon hit the SUV and our vehicle did also. A loud bang. Glasses shattering. People screaming. Blood dripping. It was my first involvement in any real accident. I could hardly believe how much I was practically shaken psychologically and how much I was actually physically shaking. It took me days to recover.

We are not promised a tomorrow. We can leave this earthly existence at any time. April 2014. I could have died, but for the mercy of a loving Savior.


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