Dank Christian Memes Weekend Delivery

Oh ho-hum, it’s Saturday morning and you don’t know what to do. Time to put some memes in your face over a bowl of cereal and laugh until milk comes out your nose.

Youth pastor martini Youth group never gets cancelled YOLO Christian meme Yea, 5 guitar players is happening

When you find out there is a hell When you finally understand that Bible verse When they hear you having pizza When they don't say hi back When the worship teams play a new song When the sermon hits you hard When the sermon about you When she don't like your memes This is why I can't be a Calvinist This could be us but you don't listen to Jesus music

The new golden calf dank christian meme Steve Harvey When your friend gets saved Put some clothes on kid Pregnant and 16 Palms sweaty Only God can save you Ned Flanders on nationalsendnudesday My body is a temple Love Jesus Dare Lord bless this to our bodies Jesus the original air bender How to pickup a Christian woman Hardy boys spot Jesus Good old fashioned preaching God told me Getting the kids to church on Sunday Even demons are spiritual

Consensual sex Jesus meme Cling to God like skinny jeans on a worship leader Cain waiting to get Abel But wait, there's more Before and after pentecostal services

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