5 Worst Attempted Fake Jesus Re-Incarnations

One of the most unbelievable things about people of faith is that they are willing to believe a lot things with very little evidence or proof. Whether it’s a matter of wanting something to believe in or trying to be part of the elect, many people have been sucked into believing that Jesus has returned to the earth. Here are the 5 at the top of the list!

5. Watch Tower (Invisible Jesus)

invisible Jesus charles russell watch tower jehovah witnessThe Watch Tower Association is today what we know as the Jehovah Witnesses. We know them best as the annoying people that come to our doors to hand out theological materials that they are not able to explain. Nor can they deviate from their scripted conversation. Nevertheless, the JW were known for one thing and one thing only, the prediction of Jesus’ return.

Background on the founder: Charles Taze Russell

Charles Taze Russell was born in Aleghany Pennsylvania On Feb.16 1852 As he grew up and was exposed to the church he was troubled by various church teachings like the Trinity and especially on hell because he felt they were unreasonable. He became a skeptic at age 17.

In 1870 he was exposed to the teachings of William Miller who was one of the originators of the 2nd advent movement. Miller had taught that Christ returned in1843 then 1844 . When this didn’t occur  E.G white received visions and understood this to be a that Christ went into the Holy of Holies in judgement (now known as the investigative judgment in the 7th day Adventists) In 1874 another 2nd day Adventist Nelson Barbour, announced Christs return invisibly in 1874(STUDIES, Vol. 7, p. 54). Russell already influenced by prophecy from them personally met with Barbour, who convinced him of Christs invisible presence returned on earth. Despite the failed prophecies, Barbour and Russell jointly published “Three worlds or plan of redemption in 1877, and in 1874 he founded Zions Watch Tower Tract Society.

“Our lord, the appointed king, is now present since Oct. 1874. According to the testimony of the prophets to those who have ears to hear.” (studies in the scriptures vol.4, pg.621)
(Background info from http://www.letusreason.org/JW2.htm, thanks letusreason.com for your great work. DOTB will always give credit to your work when it is used here.)

About the Invisible Jesus

So, just to recap, Jesus came invisibly in 1874 according to the prophets. Which prophets predicted this from the Bible is unknown.

They also predicted that 1914 would be the start of Armageddon. So if you recall all the verses about Jesus coming back with a sword in his mouth and fire in his eyes (Revelation 19:15, 2 Thessalonians 1:18), those apparently don’t apply anymore.

return of Jesus as rider
“Come and get some broski!! I’ll give you a lesson in sword swallowing!”

Instead, he decided to come invisibly and quietly and let the world work on the fire and destruction.

4. Wayne Bent/Michael Travesser (Pervert Jesus)

wayne-bent-michael-travesserThe pervert Jesus was actually arrested and apprehended as a breaker of the law…..thereby further convincing his followers that he is indeed the Christ and that the suffering was foretold. The BBC did an excellent documentary on Michael Travesser also known as “father.” (The West Virginia type of father we assume).

Background on Wayne Bent

Wayne Bent (his name before it changed to Michael Travesser) was actually an educated 7th Day Adventists preacher. Much like the Charles Taze Russell. At this point the 7th Day Adventists are 2 for 2 on crazy cult leaders.

Wayne Bent was well educated and holds a masters degree (according to unknown resources) but it was obviously not in Biblical studies. It is not uncommon for cult leaders to be intelligent, though. Often, that is the root of their narcissism. However, that does not mean that are “smart,” it just mean that have a propensity to learn.

Bent’s theology hinges on the end times prophecies, or at least what is believed to be end times prophecies. He believes that he is the appointed messiah on earth, sent to inaugurate the end times….supposedly 4 years ago.

For more on Bent, follow the documentary below.

About Pervert Jesus

Wayne Bent is best known for touching little girls while laying in bed with them naked. What else happened is not on the record books. He is also most noted for being able to have his beautiful daughter-in-law sleep with him and even convinced his son that it was God’s will. In fact, he has stolen sexual rights with multiple married women within the cult. Now THAT is serious manipulation!

Oh yea, he also convinced a group of about 25 people that the end of the world was going to occur about 4 years ago….when it didn’t end, he just told them that it ended spiritually and then changed the date to December 15, 2007 . Hey wait a minute, isn’t that the same thing that Russell told the Watch Tower followers?

 3. José Luis de Jesús Miranda (Puerto Rican Jesus)

Creciendo en Gracia jose luis de jesus mirandaJose is one of my favorite impostors, mainly because he has the gull to claim that he not just Jesus, but he is also somehow greater than Jesus……and somehow he is also the anti-Christ. Wow, that’s not confusing at all! Even better yet is that on June 29th, 2012, he convinced his followers that he will become immortal. Which basically means it is time to start a new betting pool on when his untimely will occur.

But wait! Their is more!! He claims that if people get 666 tattooed on their body, they will live forever with Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda (the second Jesus).

Background On José Luis de Jesús Miranda

Miranda is the leader of Creciendo en Gracia (Growing In Grace International Ministry, Inc.) Like many modern psychopaths, we know little about his past. We know that he was born in Puerto Rico. He claims that he was a bit of a criminal in his early years, but eventually became a Christian Pentecostal…..but also somehow joined the Southern Baptist Convention (wth?)

About Puerto Rican Jesus

Miranda is best known for convincing people that they need to get tattoos of 666 on their bodies to show their devotion to a crazy psychopath who thinks that being the anti-Christ means coming “after” Christ. He is also filthy stinking rich because of the shear devotion of his followers.

Perhaps the most insane claim of Jose de Jesus is that he gives life to people, but for some reason also teaches that their is no such thing as heaven or hell…..or even sin. So I guess the question is; what is this life that he offers? If no heaven or hell exists then he isn’t saving anyone from anything.

Actually, that is not the most crazy thing he has done. He convinced thousands of people that June 30th, 2012 was going to be “Transformation” day for him into the Jesus with fire eyes and a sword in his mouth. The end times Jesus….which he preached didn’t exist. His followers reported that on this day he and his followers would posses super-human powers. As you may have guessed….it never happened.

2. David Koresh (White Jesus)

david koresh leader of branch davidians seventh day adventists awaiting end timesEverything is bigger in Texas…including the crazy cult leaders who claim to be Jesus. David Koresh was so narcissistic that he even had his followers committed to him, up to their own doom.

Background on David Koresh

Sadly, David fell victim to a lot of abuse early on in his childhood, even to the point of being gang raped by a group of boys. He was poor, abandoned, and powerless. That is, until he joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Hey wait a minute…that sounds familiar. OH THAT’S RIGHT! That is the denomination that creates crazy end times cult leaders. 3 for 3 on this survey thus far!

David was not immediately successful in the church due to his believe that God had told him that the pastor’s daughter was supposed to be his spouse. However, he soon left the Adventist Church and joined an offshoot of the Adventists, the Branch Davidians…..a group even more insane than the one denomination that has spawned more doomsday cults than any other.

Here is some information on Mr. David Koresh.

About White Jesus

Koresh was probably one of the most successful cult leaders in that basically ANYTHING he said was taken as the word of God. That means even being allowed to sleep with underage girls. To be specific, the little sister of his wife. He also upheld a teaching that claimed he was from the line of King David and therefore needed to have decedents also. And this is why he was allowed to sleep with just about every woman or girl in the cult and had offspring with them.

Sadly, like most end times cult leaders, the end of his “ministry” also ended the lives of innocent followers. In February of 1993, in Waco Texas, Koresh and the remaining Branch Davidians who were residing in an old industrial sized building, got caught up in a deadly shootout with the authorities.

This, however, was what Koresh was looking for. He was collecting a mass of military weaponry in preparations for the Armageddon. He also prepared his followers to die in the battle and that they would die righteous, having stood up to the forces of Satan who has control over this earthly realm.

The mass collection of weapons triggered worries and eventually the ATF showed up with a search warrant. Upon arrival unknown gun shots rang out and the party started! Koresh was shot as were many others. After a 17 hour standoff the authorities went home to regroup. A fantastic victory for Koresh and the gang.

Later when the authorities showed up with reinforcements, a 10 hour siege took place followed by final assault that resulted in 74 Branch Davidian deaths!

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this event is not that Koresh had almost 100 followers, but that they were willing to die for him and the cult. Some who survived have come to their senses and realized that Koresh was an evil psychopath. Others, however, have yet to understand that he was crazy. That includes his own mother, who believes he will return in glory one day.

1. Sun Myung Moon (Korean Jesus)

Sun myung moon unification churchIf you thought that Koresh was special, just wait until you hear about this still living (died while writing this) modern Jesus with over 4 MILLION followers!! Although, ex-members say it is closer to about 100,000 follower. However, that is still VERY impressive. What is even more impressive is that his church is now a multi-billion dollar organization. Yes that is a B for BILLION! Not swag status just yet? When he was 40 years old he ditched his wife for a 16 year old girl and married her right after she turned 17. Moon has moves!

Background on Sun Myung Moon

Moon was initially involved in the church world as a Christian and was primarily concerned with raising funds for the needy. From there something unknown went terribly wrong. After the 60’s (pressumibly cause of drugs) moon decided that he was blood relative with Jesus and even had met him. In an even stranger teaching of the church, Moon declares that he is the 3rd Adam, or the reincarnated Jesus, but better because Moon is the TRUE blood son of God. Jesus was not the son of God, just a prophet.


About Korean Jesus

Moon was able to claim that anyone who comes from his bloodline is part of the TRUE family of God. Then, after this teaching became popular enough he decided that any woman who slept with him would also share in this family of God thing. Up to this point, that should not come as a shock since just about every cult leader in this report has abused power for loads of sex with young girls. This has been the essence of his teaching that still stands true today.

He is known for doing mass weddings of people into the Unification church as well as to each other. He is also known for making very large investments and having a number of failed businesses. However, his church was one very successful business venture.

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  1. "During the time of the "Koreagate" scandal in 1976-1977, the Fraser Committee found that the National Intelligence Service of South Korea (KCIA), had, among other things, been using the Unification Church as a political tool in its various anti-communist activities. The KCIA's general goal was to influence the domestic and foreign politics and policies of the United States. Eighty-one pages of the 447-page Fraser Report (pages 311-392) deals specifically with the Moon organization. The term "KCIA" occurs sixty-eight times within those eighty-one pages." Source:


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