Translation Errors In The King James Version: Psalm 8:5 (God or angels?)


In the continued pursuit of outlining the errors of King James Only-ism I will be examining a Hebrew mistranslation from Psalm 8:5. To view previous entries click any link below. Acts 19:37 (Robbers of what?) Matthew 21:42 (What kind of stone?) Psalm 145 (Where’s the Nun?) No “J” Sound Existed In Hebrew Psalm 8:5 (God … Read more

Translation Errors In The King James Version: No “J” Sound Existed In Hebrew


Instances of the letter “J”, including Jehovah. As many might already know, the KJV uses the letter “J” to replace the sound of the Hebrew “י” (yod). Today, the yod is usually translated as a Y or I in English. To be fair to the KJV translators, the sound of the letter “J” was in … Read more

Study Finds That The KJV Is Most Used Translation Among Only 5 Denominations

Last summer while on a mission trip in the deep hollers of the Appellation mountains, our crew ended up working on a roof for an old Independent, Fundamental, KJVO, Baptist preacher. While we all grew to love him over the course of the week we were also all a bit tickled by how he introduced … Read more