Why Exactly Was Lot’s Wife Turned Into Salt?

Pillar of Salt

In Genesis 19:26 we read that during the destruction of Sodom, Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. Many have questioned why such a gruesome fate befell her for having committed such a small crime. However, I believe there is 1 theory that can explain her demise without resorting to … Read more

Biblical Archaeology: Exploring The Dead Sea Scrolls (Paleo Leviticus)

11Q1 Paleo Leviticus

What is 11Q1 –  11Q Paleo Leviticus? Paleo Leviticus is a collection of fragments and an awe inspiring scroll portion that have been preserved from the First Temple period (c. 1000 to 586 B.C.E.) This is the same era as the PaleoGenesis fragments (4Q11 –  4Q).  The Paleo Leviticus collection is written in Paleo-Hebrew which is an older … Read more

Biblical Archaeology: Exploring The Dead Sea Scrolls (Paleo Genesis – Exodus)

Dead Sea Scrolls Plate 402 B-496254 Header

This is now the second series created on biblical archaeology. This series will be specifically discussing the texts of the dead sea scrolls. Our previous series was primarily comparing the Bible to ancient Akkadian and Babylonians records. You can view those with the links below. Where Archaeology Meets The Bible: Neo Babylonian Period [626 – … Read more