The Two Babylons; Papal Worship Proved to Be The Worship of Nimrod and His Wife [PDF]

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Author: Alexander Hislop

About: This text is basically the lunatic ravings of a mad man who skimmed over some ancient near eastern artifacts and badly misrepresented them. The conspiracy theories in this book, however, are still followed by modern KJVO adherents, the World Wide Church of God, and a number of ultra-conservative and ultra-uneducated religious organizations. However, the book was a major influence in it's time and it is worth a read even if it's contents badly misrepresents history and constructs a false interpretation of events in history.


2 thoughts on “The Two Babylons; Papal Worship Proved to Be The Worship of Nimrod and His Wife [PDF]”

  1. I haven’t read the book.but I know of its content.I came here to download the book.THAT PERSON YOU CALL LUNATIC MIGHT BE THE ONLY PERSON THAT SAW THE TRUTH.remove all your prejudice,judgements and think…..think….you will in the end be surprised that history DELIBERATELY got it wrong and you will understand why because your life depends on it.FIND THE TRUTH IT !!! IT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE !!! I SAW your website will redeem other but not you.why ?

    • Peter, the claims made in this book are demonstrably false. I’ve already debunked a number of them as have others. On the matter of Easter and Ishtar, I actually summarized and documented every extant text we have today that mentions her and nothing even remotely resembled anything having to do with Easter, it’s symbols, or cult practices.


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