5 Biblical Pieces of Advice For Making and Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

We have all been there; facing a new year and determining to lose 10 pounds only to gain it right back. Or perhaps you want to deepen your prayer life but struggle with time. Here are 5 biblical pieces of advice to assist you in your new year resolutions.   1. Define clear goals Not … Read more

The Absurd History Of Papal Edicts Concerning Jews

Jews Identified By Yellow Hats Being Burned At The Stake During Inquisition

For those who do not spend much time studying church history (I’m no expert) it might seem strange that Christians would have any problems with the Jews since the first Christian church was all Jewish. However, the way the Jews were treated by the Christians over history seems a bit unchristian. To make matters worse, often … Read more

Origins & Facts About Our Favorite Christmas Carols

Hymn For Christmas Day Hark The Herald Angel Sing, Charles Wesley

I tend to ponder about things. Where they came from, who started them, yada yada yada. I drove my parents crazy I am sure. Luckily for me, the internet can usually answer all my questions. Today I was in a Christmas themed service and I none of the song credits were at the bottom of the … Read more

5 Theological Views That Need Burned At The Stake (#2 Prosperity Gospel)

Creflo Dollar Rich Meme

This is now the second post on the 5 theological views that need burned at the stake and it will be covering the Prosperity Gospel Theology preached by TBN and others like it. If you have not read the 1st entry about Dominion Theology then I would welcome you to do so. 5 Theological Views That Need … Read more

3 Near Death Experiences (NDE) Worth Listening To

NDE Header

Over the last year or so I’ve spent a lot of time looking into near death experiences. As a Christian it piques my curiosity when people die and claim to see the other side. Initially when I started thinking about the subject I was skeptical. However, I think there are a few stories that make me … Read more

15 People You Will Meet In Bible College

Bible College

15. The make-out couple Even though PDA is almost never allowed on a Christian campus, it never failes that a guy and a girl who never were allowed to date end up dating. Once they figure out how to make out, it’s over. They are going to make out every chance they get. In the … Read more