You’re Going To Hell If You Don’t Play “A Game For Good Christians”

The best game ever?

I have some repenting to do here…..

Some time ago…. like 3 years ago when my son was born…. I was contacted by the fine people who make the Christian card game called “A Game for Good Christians”. I can’t lie, I was a little geeked out when I saw the game. They offered to send me a free set for a review, to which I excitedly agreed and then completely got side-tracked on. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to…. I just couldn’t get people to play with me. You see, I live surrounded by mainline and conservative Christians with no sense of humor or enough biblical knowledge to catch all the jokes that are found in this game. As a result, many in my community found this game to be borderline sacrilegious. Nevertheless, I endured. When my own irreverent family came to visit this Christmas I was finally given the opportunity I waited for; the chance to indulge in some honest Bible based humor.

The consensus from the family that were present was that this was the best Christian game ever made and quite possibly the best game ever over-all. As such, I owe AGFGC a gigantic apology for not getting to this game sooner and honestly, I owe myself an apology for not allowing myself to enjoy it sooner.

About the Game

Game play is simple. It essentially plays like Apples-to-Apples which today has many copy-cat games, such as Cards Against Humanity. I am sure AGFGC is cringing at the suggestion that it’s a branch of A2A but it’s the honest truth. The difference is that AGFGC is clearly better. For those who have never played A2A, it’s a simplified version of Balderdash. For those unfamiliar with Balderdash, just watch the how-to-play video from AGFGC.


Examples of play

AGFGC Cropped



The feeling of victory


I spend a lot of time being sarcastic but this game is legitimately hilarious. Not only is this a fun game but you’ll learn the Bible better for having played it. However, there is a very serious chance that you will lose from uber conservative friends over playing this game….but they are clearly not part of the elect.

Is this the best Christian game ever made? Yes. Yes it is. Is it better than “Cards Christians Like”? It’s not even close. AGFGC wins by a mile.


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