Bible Smugglers Planning Drone Drops Over ISIS Controlled Territories

It’s finally happened: drones are dropping Bibles

Bible smuggling is getting a lot safer for those who are planning to drop Bibles from drones, rather than bombs. I can already hear my old time missionary friends….. “back in my day you had to risk your life to smuggle Bibles”.

Joakim Lundqvist, senior pastor of Word of Life Church, announced last week in an Instagram post, that they would be drone dropping Bibles. The Bibles will not be 10 pound, large print KJV Bibles. Rather, they will be dropping match-box sized electronic versions so no one is injured and no one will be murdered for being seen with a Bible. The Bibles reportedly do not require electricity to operate.

The drone style likely to be used is the one pictured below.

Example of Bible drone

The church responsible for the drone drops has an English website that can be viewed here –>

You can follow them also on INSTAGRAM and keep up with their mission efforts.



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