Daily Bible Reading Devotional – June 26th, 2016

Scripture Reading(s)

Psalm 82

82:1 God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment:

82:2 “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Selah

82:3 Give justice to the weak and the orphan; maintain the right of the lowly and the destitute.

82:4 Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

82:5 They have neither knowledge nor understanding, they walk around in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

82:6 I say, “You are gods, children of the Most High, all of you;

82:7 nevertheless, you shall die like mortals, and fall like any prince.”

82:8 Rise up, O God, judge the earth; for all the nations belong to you!


Lydia.jpgWe are living in a time in which there are so many political changes happening. New forms of leadership are about to take place and votes are about to made about who the people want as their next president. Among some there is great fear that the leadership of their country might end up in the wrong hands. Among others there is confidence that the country’s stability will stay in tact. Regardless of ones outlook, we can always rest assured that it is God who is the ultimate authority and only He allows for the rulers of the many different countries to have their position.

This Psalm touches on the fact that those who are in a leadership position will be held accountable. It focuses on those who lead with tyranny and injustice. The Psalmist pictures God standing in an assembly of earthly leaders, to whom He has delegated authority and condemning their unjust ways of ruling.

From this Psalm, we can rest assured that God is always in complete control of this universe. We can live with peace in our hearts knowing that is God alone who appoints and takes away. It also serves as a warning to those who do have leadership positions not to misuse their positions. Our God is a God who does not rule with an Iron fist. He rules with love, grace and has a desire to see the best happen in our lives and ultimately our universe.


“you shall die like mortals, and fall like any prince.”

It’s not a very fluffy Psalm in today’s reading but it’s important to read the difficult parts of the Bible as well as the other parts. Psalm 82 is really a Psalm of desiring divine judgement on the earth. The Psalmist wants to know when God will finally judge the earth and put all things in it’s place. But the Psalmist rightly points out that all mortals must die just like the princes fall from one kingdom to another. It’s not a point we like to dwell on but it’s a fact of life.

One day you and I are going to take our last breath on this giant rock we call earth. We will then have to face the Lord. The judgement desired by the Psalmist in Psalm 82 will be had upon our death. We will be held accountable for our deeds and our lives. We will be held accountable for actions as well as our thoughts. May we all live a life aware of these things and walk according to the Spirit, doing the work of the father in Heaven.

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