Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

Fox Book of Martyrs Book Cover

Author: George Foxe Preface: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, is a work of Protestant history and martyrology by John Foxe, first published in English in 1563 by John Day. It includes a polemical account of the sufferings of Protestants under the Catholic Church, with particular emphasis on England and Scotland. The book was highly influential in those … Read more

Matthew Henry Commentary Set

Matthew Henry Commentary Set

Author: Matthew Henry About: The commentaries by Matthew Henry retail for various prices depending on where you purchase and what format you get it in. This will deliver a PDF version that can be read on phone, tablet, or computer.

Philo (Complete Works) Free Download


For those who have been following DOTB for some time you might recall our download page. At first we were using the free downloads as a promotion but now it is loaded and free for everyone. In our latest news, we would like to announce that the works of Philo have been added and can … Read more