3 Unusual Places Where Church Is Happening

We all know that “church” is not a building, it’s the body of Christ. Here are 5 examples of the church meeting in highly unusual places for their meetings. No only are they meeting there but they are drawing very good sized crowds and congregations.

Open air Church3. Open Air & Fields

Perhaps one of the oldest methods of gathering the masses in coming back in vogue. Jesus spoke to thousands of people at a time just using the natural surroundings. I would imagine that if Jesus approved of open-air preaching then it should work for us as well!

Even though it is more common among summer camp goers, open air church meetings are happening everywhere that people exist and nature allows. If you like nature then maybe an open air church is for you.



  1. Being in creation while worshiping the creator
  2. fresh air
  3. No utility bills
  4. Almost no upkeep, other than mowing


  1. Allergies
  2. Seating might be uncomfortable
  3. No electricity
  4. Weather





2. Cafes and Pubs

Whether you like to drink coffee or beer, chances are you probably find a church now-a-days that will allow either beverage. One Yelp reviewer wrote of a pub church in Boston,

Church is where I discovered Left Hand Milk Stout, my new favorite beer of all time. (Yelp review of Fenway Church)

Whether you like the idea or not, it’s happening and people are showing up to these unconventional churches.

Dugoutof The Pub Church, Boston
Dugoutof The Pub Church, Boston. (http://thepubchurch.blogspot.com/)

For those who are put-off by drinking alcohol, cafe churches are also springing up. Organizations even exist now that do nothing but help plant cafe churches, both profit and nonprofit. But it’s not a brand new model. Churches in both Boston and Columbus, Ohio have been using cafes as a place of worship since the mid-sixties!


  1. COFFEE!!
  2. Casual setting
  3. Supports local business
  4. Your cup might literally “runeth over”
  5. Meeting rooms can be used for class rooms


  1. Room size will limit attendance
  2. Parking might be a serious issue




Barn Church Wedding
Barn Church Wedding

1. Barns

One might think this is a rare church idea. Actually I have met a number of people now having church in barns. They are big, wide open, and they don’t have the same maintenance cost as a standard building. I love the idea.

From barns being converted into churches or barns just being used on Sunday as a building, this is a growing phenomenon. Maybe the Amish and Mennonites were onto something a long time ago. The beat us to the barn church era by centuries!

Moreover, Jesus was born in a similar structure where animals dwelt. If it was good enough for the savior’s birth, it’s good enough for me.



  1. Cheap
  2. Large and open
  3. Fresh country air (at times)
  4. Very little upkeep
  5. A comfortable setting for many who feel awkward in formal church buildings


  1. Heating and cooling might be expensive or non-existent
  2. If its multi-purpose their could be many smells not typical of church meetings




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