Evandalism: Colorado Atheist Billboard Vandalized By Christians

Christian Evandalism

A billboard paid for by American Atheists, a group that has been using the billboard since 2008, has been vandalized. The current sign had Santa printed on it encouraging people to skip church. The sign now reads “God’s not dead,” in what appears to be red paint.

Atheist Santa Billboard
Atheist Santa Billboard, before vandalism
Atheist Billboard Vandalized with Gods Not Dead
Atheist Billboard Vandalized with “God’s Not Dead”

However, it is not too surprising. These types of things have happened before. In 2013 an atheist billboard was set on fire. In 2010 other Christians vandalized a billboard North Carolina, which left “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance. Below is a small sample of the evandalism done by Christians.






I still cannot figure out what exactly these Christians believe is going to come from this. Are Atheists and non-Christians supposed to look at this and be like, “oh I guess the Christians are right. Maybe I’ll convert.”? Of course not! All this does is make Christianity look petty and childish. Whoever did this should be fined the amount it takes to replace the billboard.

Vandalizing other’s property is never OK. This is NOT what Jesus would do.

3 thoughts on “Evandalism: Colorado Atheist Billboard Vandalized By Christians”

  1. I agree. <3 In everything we do, let it be done with love. I guess, some christians don't know the difference between religious and godly/believer.

  2. I really appreciate this sentiment. This author is one of the one’s we atheists wish would migrate to the humanist side for his sake as much as ours. If Jesus ever wears thin for you, know you have a group that would love to have you.

    • I appreciate your comment. While I have no plans on abandoning my current set of beliefs, also know that I regard atheists as my brothers and sisters in the human race, just as much as anyone else.


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