Things I’ve Learned In Church | Entry #5: Laziness & The Spirit of Lethargy


I’m no dummy. I already learned that laziness is one of the seven deadly sins. Although, you might know it more as slothfulness. But either way, being lazy is a serious issue in the early church and even more so since the rise of Protestantism.

But what you may not know is that apparently there is such as thing as a “spirit of laziness.” Also know as the spirit of lethargy. This is not a joke. The modern Christian church teaches that laziness is the result of spirits. I was at a church in Ohio when I first heard about this. I even found a few blogs online discussing the issue.

From what I can see, its a Pentecostal trend. Although, this may come to be beneficial for all high school students. Next time you’re sick and you need to convince your mom that you can’t go to school just tell her you have a case of the spirits; the spirit of lethargy that is! If she doesn’t buy it…..quote Isaiah 29:10!

Isaiah 29:10

The Lord has brought over you a deep sleep

Spirit of lethargy
Seems pretty clear to me! It must be true!


This verse comes from a part of Isaiah message to Judah declaring that the Lord had prepared a time of woe for them. The verse really is just stating that the Lord put them to sleep so he can get some work done. Much like what he did with Adam in Genesis 2:21. It really has nothing to do with spirits or the existence of evil lethargy spirits.

But you can decide for yourself :)

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