CERN Youtube clips about demons

Apparently The CERN Hadron Collider Is The Gate To Hell

Well now I’ve heard it all folks. I don’t run around in circles that get into conspiracy theories or dark rumors. But I was alerted to the claim in the title of this post by a friend on Instagram who claimed her mother received a word from God that more demons will be coming to the earth via CERN in 2015.

It sounded a bit fanciful (or completely insane) to me so I googled various things that might come up with CERN being evil or being a gate to hell, etc. Turns out a lot of people believe demons are being released via CERN because of a few pictures released by the group. Below is some of the lunacy that I found on youtube.


The saddest thing about this is that these guys don’t even know what they looking at. This is an image of particles so small he cannot even fathom it’s size. Are we to believe that demons are the size of sub-atomic particles? Seriously?

Furthermore, it’s just a glob of particulate and I could connect the dots to form just about anything I wanted. Here are just a few I found. Feel free to make your own.









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