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Things I’ve Learned In Church Entry #3 | God’s Dress Code

Things I’ve Learned In Church” Entry #3 | God’s Dress Code

About 8 years ago I visited what appeared be a a Baptist cult church that was out in the country, just south of Elyria Ohio. I was wearing shorts since it was mid-August and scorching hot outside. This turned out to be the wrong day to show up to church in shorts. I knew I might have made a mistake when my friend, who used to go to church there, showed up in business attire.

The service was not bad aside from a few crazy ladies running around the sanctuary screaming. That is, until the pastor found the opportune moment to take a shot at the kid who showed up in shorts, in front of the whole church! (That’s me if your having trouble following).

In the middle of announcing the summer camp for the children he looked right at me as if to burn a whole through my face with his laser vision and minted these fine words….

“If you send your kids to summer camp without church clothes, which is either a suit or dress pants with a buttons down, not shorts and a t-shirt, we WILL send them back home without a refund.”

For about a second and a half i questioned if he was actually talking at me. Then I noticed the whole church was staring at me and it was pretty much confirmed. Thanks for the good word pastor!

church clothes

Upon exiting the church I shook the pastor’s hand and said “thanks for making me feel welcome pastor,” with a smile on my face.
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